Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cashew Fruit or Gajus or Ketereh or 'Jangguih.'

Dear Bro,
It'd been a long time........
It seems that nowadays everybody is busy doing painting...I guess so??I also have few unfinished painting which collecting dust at home....stuck on inspiration!!!loosing the fire??Staring at it more than doing it!!
I am thinking of showing unfinish painting but......let it be...first.
The other day I went to our factory backyard and found that the cashew tree bear a lot of fruits
but very small small fruits not like what it use to be.Do you remember when we was a kid?
At the back of our house there use to be very big cashew tree with a yellow red fruit.Very big fleshy and sweet watery juices. Our neighbour 'Kak Teh' had a yellow fruit tree and 'Pak Man' had a red fruit tree. The red one is a little acidic but the best thing is the fried cashew nuts.
..and do you remember that we will go from house to house just to collect the seed. Everbody in the neigbourhood seems to have their own cashew tree.It will take half a day just to fried it in a MILO or a DUMEX tin,after it caught the fire all will burn rapidly until the acid or gas in the nut start to fade away. We will smash the nutshell by using a hammer or stone and eat the nut right away.Sometime the black carbon shell stuck at your hand and mouth but you will eat it anyway.Crispy......and taste better than the one we bought nowaday which was dried under the sun.

Do you know that a few years ago a doctor in the Philipines had manage to extract the acid in the nutshell and use it for cosmetic purposes.At a certain amount the extract can be use to terminate mole or warts for good.To make it short, the doctor is a milionaire by now.
Another thing which I would like to add that,in Malaysia nowadays only the nuts or seed are considered important.How about the fleshy fruits?? We just throw it away.......how about
making it into enzyme? I am sure there's much much more benefit we can get from the juices.
Bottled it!!We can make a cashew winery!!Ooopss!! just a thought!!
By the way planting and taking care of the shady tree is easy and it is also a very nice sun shade tree.Hey!!!!When are you going to update your blog?Everbody!!!!????Come onn....
Bye for now!!Hasta la Vista!!!!!