Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Artist,The Savvy and The Adventurous.

Tajalli-The Artist.

My older brother was actually not in the picture when the picture was taken at Bukit Dumbar, Pulau Pinang in 1972.I am not sure where he is.He was always not really at homeever since my brain started to functioning and pondering my small kid kampung environment.

As a big brother,I can recalled how he always brought us back mee goreng mamak with a slice of lemon and everybody had to share and take just a spoonfull as it is always not enough for all of us....

I also recalled my mother always awaiting for Mr Postman everyday hoping to geta news from him.I remember on one particular day when mother received a letter from him.She was so eager and happy opening the letter.Reading it time after time and I also sneak in reading slowly the handwriting on a blue soft paper.I asked my mother what does 'l.o.g.h.a.t' means and I guess she is the one who teach me the meaning with the real pronounciation. Reading a letter from beloved one was really a joyous occasion in those days.

Only from the letter that I realised that my big brother was away studying art in Terengganu which seems half the world far away from our small town Kilang Lama,Kulim Kedah. In the letter he was explaining how he is adapting to the situation there and how the local dialect was very different from us. In those early days I also learn that adults drop their tears even when they are happy.

He was an art student,no wonder there is a few painting adorning our wall in the house.It was like a relic sign that there was an artist in the house. Well...nowadays he is still the artist and also the wiser adviser......

Thani - The Savvy.

My second brother was what I believed the smartest,handsome and savvy.Everbody loves him very much and it shows.At home you can always feels it,he got the aura... and I guess at school....every girls had a crushed on him but he is the loyal kind of a guy.

Very fluent in English,very generous and good at convincing people and I believe he is still the same nowadays...

Wahi - The Adventurer.

My third brother was the ' survival..' type.In those day,his idol is Jim Bowie,Sea Hunt,Kodiak,Kojak and maybe Vic Morrow.All from the 70's tv series running in those days. Mac Gyver is more of my time .....I guess!?..
He was always doing adventurest thing.Tracking the hill and quarry near our house,all the nearby river,hunting for birds, fishing,animals and whatsoever related to outside the house sports adventure.He was always with his seconder.... Det. Det our neighbor's son is like a Robin to a Batman. A hero always had his partner or sidekick . Det is the man and a diehard follower.

He loves nature very much and still remain the same until today.....

Rafidi- The Sales & Marketing Man.

I believed my younger brother was always a marketing man and a salesman eversince we was still in primary school.I still remember when he was 8 years old,he always asked me to draw cartoon and he will sell it to his friend in school. Sometime I will draw robots, I guess... it was Voltron.....and sometime even Muhammad Ali and Joe Bugner.

I recalled when he brought home RM 7.00 just by selling all the drawings.Wow!!! That was a lot of money and it was like a fortune for us.Ooooo....those happy days.

Nowadays ... he is in Hotel business..

ME.......!??? however on the other hand was always the all three in one kind of a guy.I feel that I am creative just like an artist,savvy....well learned and yet adventurest and loves nature very very much but not really the marketing kind of a guy.....but as always ..this is brotherly love in writing.