Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fern Blue (2006)

Have you ever been to a swamp? Where a fallen leaf drop in a shallow water.For a long period of time it started to rotten and mixed with the stagnant water created some sort of chemical or mineral reaction.
The multicolour created was so briliant and actually imposible to be duplicate by human made colours.Sometime you can use stick and take a very thin plastic layer from the water and the colour vanished the minute you touch it.

I had imagined it with a fern and try to catch the effect and did the same but failed to do so.
How I wish I had a camera at that time and snap a photo just for a reference......
just for a next experiment......!!!???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Weirdest Fish Collection.

I took the above picture recently when I search for my egg basket item.It was actually made probably about 5 years ago and stayed in the attic eversince we transfer here. It is a three separated item using slip casting technics.Made from natural clay found at a nearby river and fired at 600 celcius only.

I remembered that it was night time and I just feel like to do something different so I simply cut the fish bases and start combining it with the hibiscus vase. I am sure I have seen similar object in the past but I'm not sure where???. The clay was still wet when taken out from the mould but sturdy so it is easier for me to cut and combine just by using water. I said to my friend that it is two fish jumping out from a vase!!! but my friend said that it is two fish stuck in a vase...whateverrr!!!
After firing in my homemade kiln I use oil colour and paint green the whole body. The effect came out after sanding smooth the whole body with a sand paper.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Malay's Egg Basket In A Wedding Culture.

In a Malay wedding culture, a visitor will always carry back home 'bekas telur' or an egg basket with one boiled egg inside. It is a sort of token gratitude from the host.I am just not sure why it must be an egg,probably a symbol of fertility or maybe a take away fast food to eat while travelling back a distant to their home.

When I was a kid in the seventies I recalled that a lady visitor will bring sugar as a usual gift and also other kind of kitchen ware as a gift. The man will give money to the bride or groom's father
upon arriving at the wedding. As a kid you can eat fried chicken,curry meat,bryani rice and eat as much as you can especially ......if the bride is your sister!!

Traditionally the eggbasket was made from Pandanus Utilis leaf or 'Daun Mengkuang'.
Boiled egg will be put inside the basket with shredded Pandanus Amaryllifolis leaf or 'Daun Pandan' as a fresh fragrance combine with jasmine flowers.It smells very good!!

I recalled few years back in 2006, my third sister Rashidah asked me to make an egg basket from clay. She wants it to be in a shape of a Rose flower for his first son's wedding.It take two month, night and day to finish about 500 pcs of it.Very heavy and tiring task!! She also wants it to be yellow Rose gilded with gold and green leave.The content to be was not actually an egg but a gold plastic egg with a Ferrero Roche chocolate inside,sponsored by one of my brother. Gradually nowadays design and content had change but the culture are still the same.

A week ago a guy in Kuala Lumpur, had an interest in the Rose's Egg basket just to make a sample. So I bring it out and take a photo. 3 pcs was sent to Kuala Lumpur and will be exhibit
at Kuala Lumpur Craft Center.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fern Series - 2006

I had started Fern series many years ago which technically was a mixed media using water base colour and also oil base colour. I start by stamping,pressing and using brush to add dark background and finish it with airbrush. Only recently I frame it ,two painting into one glass of frame. I had put it two in one as to make an impact of repetitive image and at the same time it is much bigger looking. But when I hang it on the wall it still look smaller though. You had to be a little closer to view the painting.
Most of my fern series with dark,black night background with little bright colour to show
glowing light of the night. Do you see the resemblance of 'Black is beautiful'.Imagining a very dark dark night with creeping fern moving and flowing by soft air and lit by a moonlight. Everything in the universe start from darkness,only then the light or nur(arabic) appear.
I paint this image onto a canvas which actually a boxboard paper.I never really done it on canvas yet but currently now I am experimenting to do so especially on a 5 x 4 ft canvas.
Fern is what I consider to be representing every organic being on earth or I would like to say like a symbol of organic 'birth'. You know the 'shoot' of fern which is curly,just like a baby curling in a mother's womb.It is my subject of interest.I have to give credit to my brother Tajalli(also a painter) because he also make fern as his subject many many years back.Hoping that he will still continue painting.
Currently I am still experimenting with water base batique colour and finish onto it with oil base colour by using air brush.This time on a canvas!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mango Tree and The River Fish.

Dear Bro,

My daily routine nowadays at about 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. is attending to my Mango Tree and to my River Fish Aquarium.My favourite hobby since childhood.
You know,in Kelantan Mango is called 'buah Pauh', in Kedah it is called 'Mempelam' or 'Pelam' but there is also a place called 'Permatang Pauh' in Penang.Hmmm..I wonder why???

When we first bought the terrace house,the Mango tree was already there. Probably about 10 years old and our new friendly neighbour asked us to cut the tree cause it is very old and fruitless tree.
No fruit at all but full of Red Ant and Parasite tree. The Red Ant create a living city on the Parasite Tree and the Parasite tree live and flourish abundantly on the Mango tree sucking all the energy,vitamin and mineral. I am positively sure that is the main reason for not fruiting at all.
After burning all the Red Ant's nest and plenty of bite and bruises,we cut all the parasite tree.
The tree looks bald and hurt. Then with God's permission nature takes its course, new leaves coming out and flower start to blooms .At first it bear few big sweet mango fruits and we share it with our neighbours.

Few month ago I bought a fertilizer at RM 3.00 for fruiting purpose and put it all around the tree. The results!!!!??? as you can see here is remarkable.Alhamdulillah!!!The whole tree start flowering and changes to fruit very fast...

At the same time,my collection of river fish also growing bigger and healthier.As you can see here,there is few fish which I caught from the river in Tumpat and few which were bought from the Aquashop. We use to have Discus Fish which was very beautiful but they all died when we transfer to this house. So I renew my hobby with river fish with scale (sisik).
I remember caught two small Susur Batang (Terperas) about 20 cent in size
and one small Lampam last year during rainy season. Now,it is almost one ringgit in size.
Take a look in the aquarium, there is also Lampam Emas,Tengalan and Kelah Lebar .I believe they can grow bigger in a pond.
Recently here in Kota Bharu, an Aquashop sell one alive Red Kelah half kilo in weight at RM500.00 woooo...
Why not give it a try??!!
Haa ha ha.....!!!So many suggestion...!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eel In A Sewerage Filter System.

Dear bro,
It was raining heavily this few days since Friday Prayer Feb. 27th,by Monday
our factory sewerage system was overflow with water and stop functioning.The water turn grayish because of the main raw material which was actually a 'clay' dirt. Realising that it is also full with mud and sand,we decided to use the Excavator.

As I was told by our maintenance staff, that when the Excavator took the first scoop,it was full with baby eels which all of them manage to crawl and escape back into the sewerage water.
The big one, and only one was stranded on the grass and easily caught.A very brown eel.
Fierce looking dragon kind of snake.

Guess what?? Eel or Belut or Ikan Linang is worth a try in your catfish pond?Don't you think so?Very commercial and I think if your catfish can survive the pond,the eel will.

Back in 1990 when I was in Japan.We can only eat fish most of the time untill I got bored with fish. But one day at a restaurant, a Japanese friend decided to order a rice with grilled Unagi fish.
It was my first 'oishi' delicious food I had ever tasted in Japan,so good that I asked for one more
bowl with Unagi. They explained to me that it was a long fish from the river. Yet the translation 'Belut' was not in my head at that time.Later when I found out that it was a 'Belut', the creepy feeling kind of snake just fade away.
Now, I will only remember crispy,soft,juicy,grilled unagi.....
very tasty and good......!!! You must try this at a Japanese Restaurant.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kechupu vs Manggis.

Dear Bro,
I think I have sent this photo before....
Kechupu is consider a very rare sweet and sour fruit in Kelantan,but for sure can only be found in Kelantan or probably in other state of Malaysia with different name. This Garcinia family is not as famous as her distant relative the superior famous Manggis. There is also a place here called Gertak Kechupu. Gertak is actually translate into 'bridge' or 'titi'. Maybe the wood was made into a bridge to cross over a small river.
I have tasted this one which is very much sweet than sour.The flesh is watery so I believe that it can be made into juice,jam or marmalade but at a very minimum quantity compare to Manggis.The green one definitely sour which was advised to mix with 'sambal belachan' to create delicious aroma.The tree bear fruits at a very early age compare to Manggis.
Have you ever found this in Kedah?or other state. If you found this,plant it in your kebun
so that we can "kawin" it in the future. Maybe future hybrid Manggis will be at least be much better and feasible for export. In Thailand Manggis had been developed into cosmetic after they invented Bedak Rambai. I even found here buah Setoi (Sentul) as big as sepaktakraw ball which offcourse made in Thailand.

By the way the pink flower up there, I got it from the internet and they called it
Button Mangosteen (Kechupu). Why 'Mango' and why 'teen'??? Just leave it that way.
Lastly..beware!!! I want to make a prediction here...
in a few month time a new fruit will be famous in the market.It is called 'Crystal Wax Apple' originated from Taiwan. A shiny brilliant fruit not actually resemble to apple at all.
Here in Malaysia it is called 'Jambu Air' lah... but the size is as big as tennis ball. It take only a year to bear fruit. The guy who plant this fruit on a hectare of land with 140 tree is racking in RM 7,000 a month. What do you think???
So put this Crystal Wax Apple in your kebun's list.