Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kechupu vs Manggis.

Dear Bro,
I think I have sent this photo before....
Kechupu is consider a very rare sweet and sour fruit in Kelantan,but for sure can only be found in Kelantan or probably in other state of Malaysia with different name. This Garcinia family is not as famous as her distant relative the superior famous Manggis. There is also a place here called Gertak Kechupu. Gertak is actually translate into 'bridge' or 'titi'. Maybe the wood was made into a bridge to cross over a small river.
I have tasted this one which is very much sweet than sour.The flesh is watery so I believe that it can be made into juice,jam or marmalade but at a very minimum quantity compare to Manggis.The green one definitely sour which was advised to mix with 'sambal belachan' to create delicious aroma.The tree bear fruits at a very early age compare to Manggis.
Have you ever found this in Kedah?or other state. If you found this,plant it in your kebun
so that we can "kawin" it in the future. Maybe future hybrid Manggis will be at least be much better and feasible for export. In Thailand Manggis had been developed into cosmetic after they invented Bedak Rambai. I even found here buah Setoi (Sentul) as big as sepaktakraw ball which offcourse made in Thailand.

By the way the pink flower up there, I got it from the internet and they called it
Button Mangosteen (Kechupu). Why 'Mango' and why 'teen'??? Just leave it that way.
Lastly..beware!!! I want to make a prediction here...
in a few month time a new fruit will be famous in the market.It is called 'Crystal Wax Apple' originated from Taiwan. A shiny brilliant fruit not actually resemble to apple at all.
Here in Malaysia it is called 'Jambu Air' lah... but the size is as big as tennis ball. It take only a year to bear fruit. The guy who plant this fruit on a hectare of land with 140 tree is racking in RM 7,000 a month. What do you think???
So put this Crystal Wax Apple in your kebun's list.

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