Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Fern Blue (2006)

Have you ever been to a swamp? Where a fallen leaf drop in a shallow water.For a long period of time it started to rotten and mixed with the stagnant water created some sort of chemical or mineral reaction.
The multicolour created was so briliant and actually imposible to be duplicate by human made colours.Sometime you can use stick and take a very thin plastic layer from the water and the colour vanished the minute you touch it.

I had imagined it with a fern and try to catch the effect and did the same but failed to do so.
How I wish I had a camera at that time and snap a photo just for a reference......
just for a next experiment......!!!???


Nina Ulana said...

I love your ferns!

Dzvinka said...

I love your ferns. The colors and patterns are just beautiful.

rumah kebun said...

bila nak update lagi...?

Art of My Life. said...

Thank you to Nina & Dzvinka!!

To: PD,

Nii..tengah cari bahan ni!!
Ha!ha! kdg2 idea pun kering ooo!!