Sunday, January 3, 2010


Agro Resort was a very nice and  cool place  as usual.A place where we can relax and forgot about hectic life.It feels so good and the air is refreshing and I also  realised that it had been years that we never take a sweet and quite vacation anymore. We use to come here a lot few years back when my kid was still a toddler.Since then they like fishing and so does their lovely mommy.

Sleeping was so good that a one hour nap feels like few hours. So very refreshing.......!!How long that I never feel sleeping was this good......and revitalizing.Don't get me wrong, I am not promoting the Resort but I am promoting a good sleep where it really make a difference once in a while.

Fishing was good too.You can see a lot of big fish here but it really hard to get.If you are lucky enough you can get a Crayfish!Who knows?