Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Website To Collect Water Dew.

Last week on Friday morning when I arrived at the office, I saw something which at a glance you will think that it is a frost or maybe a snow which naturally quite unusual.
After all this is Malaysia,a tropical hot climate country.
Upclose, I realise that this is actually a ' website' belong to a kind of spider.The owner is definitely a spider but I cannot track even one. Most probably somewhere underneath hiding in very cool climate conditioning by the gigantic or mammoth website.Are there hundreds of them or just one hardworking spider?? Dont have much time to crawl underneath and look for one, after all I am no one Richard Attenborough.

Is it really that this website was invented to collect water for their consumption or is it for the purpose of cooling effect, after all the weather nowadays is hot and humid.Probably only an experts on insects can answer this. The dew effect create white brilliant effect which from far you will thought that it is a snow. Imagine if you can stay very small and tiny under this giant website. That is to be an insect!

What about us human, now living by creating website comunicating to each other human all over the world??? Human website collect billions of info which permanently stranded or hanging in cyber world for the rest of our human live.Just imagine that!!!Will it create a cooling effect or a chaos and chaotic world.Well! Guess we human had to looked much further especially Quran and see if there is God's answer for this creation.
Just a penny for thought.