Sunday, November 8, 2009

Porcelain Flowers Are Forever.

Few of the above was shown in International Trade Exhibition at PutraWorld back in 1993 but was never make into mass production.Only prototype.
My Boss said that it is too Malaysian.He is right my design are probably just for Malaysian....
by the way the Orchid and the Stone base was made by cold casting resin,the leaf and stalk made by bronze
and painted to be as original as it is.The Hibiscus and Rose was made by porcelain but with stalk made by bronze.Oh well!! .......I guess I will never make this kind of design ever again...!!??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If You Can Draw You Can Do It.......Too.

My mentor Lucas from Spain always said that if you can draw perfectly you can always sculpt  it better.
From any drawing.... plus high imagination ..make it flow to both of your hand.

With god 's permission you can start sculpting.Pick up the clay, you press it,you
play with it and you form it,you take it out, you put some more and don't forget to look at the drawing
and some book as a reference.You refine it bit by bit....and finely  you cut it and make it into
a plaster mould. You cast it with liquid clay, left it to dry and pour out the excess clay liquid. Assemble it
into original pieces and put in to a kiln.The white body will come out...

Then you can start painting...

The picture here was just a few of my real job...I love animals...birds,flowers,figurines and whatever form we can make.I love them all.......
but at this age....when God comes knocking in your heart five time a day.......I would prefer..mmmm.
I love flowers....!!

There is also time...when you just play with the clay and follow your heart.....with the photo in your head..

If you ever seen this kind of product..don't forget that... it was made here in Malaysia.
I am not going to show you all the process but to all artist,painter and sculptor.....just imagine.......?????