Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Love of My Life.

I still remember arriving in Mexico very late at midnight after 4 hours driving from San Antonio to Eagle Pass, Texas.Going across the border into Piedras Negras Coahuila.The Ford Taurus went straight into the garage in front of a white villa.I guess?Nobody is waiting
there.....Tired and sleepy they showed me the bedroom.I just crushed on the bed.....

I wake up in the morning hearing a noise outside my room.I open the door and see a lot of people gathered in the dining room.Well! I guess I better take a shower right away now because they are expecting me! The new boy in town!!!!

Suddenly,from the window in my room,there is a girl walking approaching to the front gate.
The face!?kind of familiar???!!Why?!!This is Mexico!! Come on!!I just arrived here last night.The face is unforgettable....the face.............It is like deja vu...!!Oooohhh..Spooky??!!!Maybe?
Is it a past dream...?? or what?!..........

In the big dining room when everybody start gathering,Mr Kimura,the guy who drove the car started to introduce me to everybody in the room.I am a little bit shy though and at the sametime still sleepy. But my eyes become wide open when they introduce me to her...

Only then, I was told that,it was actually a strike in the factory.The worker's Union had launched a strike!!the very first day I was there.A workers on strike!!!That is why all office workers and management staff are gathered for their special meeting.No wonder...

The girl's name was Argentina De La Torre Carrillo.The name that I will never forget for the rest of my life.I never really got to know her until a few month later.All of the girls there did not speak English and I cannot speak Spanish so .....no communication until I can "habla en espanyol"..

Monday, February 11, 2008

My First Time in United States Of America.

After spending almost a year in Japan,my company decided to send me to their factory branch in Mexico. Since the factory is located at the south of Texas,I had to go through America or you can say across half of the country just to go to somewhere northen of Mexico.

Just imagine, a Malay village boy who begin to behave like Japanese now been suddenly thrown
into America. Land of the Six Million Dollar Man,Bionic Woman,Rambo, Terminator and what else that Hollywood image had covered all the globe.America is ........top of the world!

I arrived in Los Angeles Airport during summer 1990.Tired and a little disoriented with the surrounding. Japan staff said that somebody will be waiting for me at the airport.
The first time I get outside the airport,WOW!! the road is very big!!man!! compare to the road in Japan!This is three to four time bigger and it is beautiful and ....clean.Just like in TV.
Then somebody shouted my name!!Aahh!Taufikusann....!!(bow twice!!) It is Suzuki san from USA office.I know him well because I've met him before when he was in Japan.Thank God! there is a similar face here.

I got into the car,it was a station wagon some sort of gold in color.My God!! the front seat,you can put six person in front or twenty Japanese in this car.American car is very big!!Along the road everything looks wonderful,big and colourful. I love America!!(That was 1990 and everybody
loves America!)

It was already in the evening.Mr Suzuki drop me at a Motel in front of a bowling
centre. The Motel with a big.... swimming pool!I had never seen a swimming pool when I was in Japan, even in a Hotel but off course with hot spring pool though. I feel tired but cannot sleep, a jetlag effect I guess!I watch TV and there he was a very handsome guy with very big smile speaking,grinning right at you,motivating you to change and join him for better with full enthusiasm.

I will never forget this guy because from that time on my experienced in America became the
most unforgettable memory of my life. The guy name is Anthony Robbins.The personal achievement trainer. You know him!!Don't you??
Everybody know him.

Well,the next morning I was to take a flight to San Antonio,Texas....and then will take a car to Mexico. Mexico here I come!!!!...........

Monday, February 4, 2008

Young Guns-The 4 Perception Version 2009.

The picture looks like a bunch of rock group on a 1960th album.It may sound funny though because the above photo was actually taken somewhere early 1989.This was a past history taken decades ago. Really???My!!!19 years ago??!!!Wow.Those guys must be really somebody nowadays.Why do I feel like, it was only yesterday and it just happens that I feel young again
watching this old photo.The photo itself must be worth something!!I wonder where is the
original photo.

The same end of the year those 4 guys when their own way.Hasnul when to USA on a young lecturers programme and ended up as a curator,Md Nor join teachers programme,Fauzin when to TV3 and became a set director and myself when to Japan and became a designer. All are active painters in the KL art scene until today except myself working actively the other way around.

It was the inside cover photo of an exhibition by the very young artist at that very particular time.Opening ceremony by Menteri Belia dan Sukan at that time Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. Location was the old National Art Gallery extra new Building.There was a poetry,a song by a guitarist,a dance,talks and maybe some 'makan-makan' as usual. Introduction in the leaflet was made by the ...Normah Nordin and the late Ismail Zain and the prolific artist Fauzan Omar. All are great person who really carve a niche in the Malaysian art scene.

"Over the last one year or so, one coulddiscern a sense of restlessness which at timews vexed to sheer exasperation,particularly in Hasnul Jamal and Taufik.
Fauzin and Md Nor on the other hand,are less prone to betraying their emotion.
Evidently, this has little or nothing to do with the obvious lack of job prospect for new fine art graduates.
Deep inside their heart, they know they have the tenacity to subsist by the odd jobs
until they find...................
But critically , they do not quite see why art had to be relegatedto the level of commodity alone and not art for art............"- BY ISMAIL ZAIN.

Well!that was a very good question though.
Ismail Zain really know our feeling at that time.But come to think of it, that it was so idealist of us at that time or can I say so naive?Maybe nowadays,our Mr Curator can elaborate further more on this matter. We were very young at that time and yet so idealistic about art for art sake.

Little that we realised that......, and when time past by and as we mature
by now..... art is... actually a comodity since human know how to paint and even if
we hate it or not.....art is...... for the society....... within it.
So gang!!!,can we install a 2009 version of The 4 Perception??.....
Come on... the 4 of us.Lets take a visit to Normah Nordin....

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Night Dreams Vision-Playing with Ferns & Colours.

It was many years ago since I used Batik as a medium.Mixed media and mixing the technical itself is the most interesting part of playing with the colours.It was like trying to control the uncontrol effect of Batik,we want it to flow but at the same time controlling its flows. No wax was used. Material is not a question.Anything goes.
Hard to get what you want but when it is enough,well!! its enough. OK! Fine...
You can feel the flow,you touch it and it can go beyond your control but you will think that it deserve to go overflow as it is what we call 'art'. Isn't it??After overnight you will see the result..... but...the result believe it or not looks like you,feels like you and it does not sound like ......
Ehh..??!!where do I hear this similar phrase!!! From the justice dept...maybe?
Anyhow this was a therapy session and it cures and heal the tempting heart for years to come.While doing it you lost in time.Half dreams and half awake and after you get enough of it you just suddenly stop.....
Then, it will take years and years again when suddenly you feel like its came creeping into your blood, into your head,crushing your brains,sleepless night....pushing your own hand to touch the stagnant brushes.Like
a drug addict controlling the addiction.Yelling Wow Oooh! the mood is coming again!!..
The mood is coming again!
Wow..!!Have you been there lately???