Monday, February 11, 2008

My First Time in United States Of America.

After spending almost a year in Japan,my company decided to send me to their factory branch in Mexico. Since the factory is located at the south of Texas,I had to go through America or you can say across half of the country just to go to somewhere northen of Mexico.

Just imagine, a Malay village boy who begin to behave like Japanese now been suddenly thrown
into America. Land of the Six Million Dollar Man,Bionic Woman,Rambo, Terminator and what else that Hollywood image had covered all the globe.America is of the world!

I arrived in Los Angeles Airport during summer 1990.Tired and a little disoriented with the surrounding. Japan staff said that somebody will be waiting for me at the airport.
The first time I get outside the airport,WOW!! the road is very big!!man!! compare to the road in Japan!This is three to four time bigger and it is beautiful and ....clean.Just like in TV.
Then somebody shouted my name!!Aahh!Taufikusann....!!(bow twice!!) It is Suzuki san from USA office.I know him well because I've met him before when he was in Japan.Thank God! there is a similar face here.

I got into the car,it was a station wagon some sort of gold in color.My God!! the front seat,you can put six person in front or twenty Japanese in this car.American car is very big!!Along the road everything looks wonderful,big and colourful. I love America!!(That was 1990 and everybody
loves America!)

It was already in the evening.Mr Suzuki drop me at a Motel in front of a bowling
centre. The Motel with a big.... swimming pool!I had never seen a swimming pool when I was in Japan, even in a Hotel but off course with hot spring pool though. I feel tired but cannot sleep, a jetlag effect I guess!I watch TV and there he was a very handsome guy with very big smile speaking,grinning right at you,motivating you to change and join him for better with full enthusiasm.

I will never forget this guy because from that time on my experienced in America became the
most unforgettable memory of my life. The guy name is Anthony Robbins.The personal achievement trainer. You know him!!Don't you??
Everybody know him.

Well,the next morning I was to take a flight to San Antonio,Texas....and then will take a car to Mexico. Mexico here I come!!!!...........

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