Friday, February 1, 2008

The Night Dreams Vision-Playing with Ferns & Colours.

It was many years ago since I used Batik as a medium.Mixed media and mixing the technical itself is the most interesting part of playing with the colours.It was like trying to control the uncontrol effect of Batik,we want it to flow but at the same time controlling its flows. No wax was used. Material is not a question.Anything goes.
Hard to get what you want but when it is enough,well!! its enough. OK! Fine...
You can feel the flow,you touch it and it can go beyond your control but you will think that it deserve to go overflow as it is what we call 'art'. Isn't it??After overnight you will see the result..... but...the result believe it or not looks like you,feels like you and it does not sound like ......
Ehh..??!!where do I hear this similar phrase!!! From the justice dept...maybe?
Anyhow this was a therapy session and it cures and heal the tempting heart for years to come.While doing it you lost in time.Half dreams and half awake and after you get enough of it you just suddenly stop.....
Then, it will take years and years again when suddenly you feel like its came creeping into your blood, into your head,crushing your brains,sleepless night....pushing your own hand to touch the stagnant brushes.Like
a drug addict controlling the addiction.Yelling Wow Oooh! the mood is coming again!!..
The mood is coming again!
Wow..!!Have you been there lately???

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