Monday, March 14, 2011


This picture were taken probably in late 1989 when I first got to know her.For her this is just a friendly picture but for me  it seem like I had captured a cardiac arrest moment every time I see this picture.I wrote about our first encounter in my old post few years back.The very first time I saw her from a window and the only second day I just arrived on Mexican land........the deja vu feeling that I had known her somewhere or somehow.

In 1994 after two years of marriage,expecting our first born baby.The feeling still fresh and vivid.I had to work out station for one week staying at a Putra World Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.I definitely cannot leave her alone for one week so I brought her along.......that is a one very happy face!

1998 with our second child on the way......but where is my boy???

After 17 years of marriage with lesser hair,I still consider marriage is just like jumping on a rubber boat heading straight to Niagara Falls....on a good lucky day you might still survive.....I still manoeuvre hard just like the very beginning .....this is a white water rafting.....!!!la vida loca!

This is 19 years of marriage!! The nagging is still the same but my ears are getting bigger and fluffy.Even if I had a very deepest love for her doesn't mean that there is no struggle at all of controlling oneself from making a fool mistake.I am still learning as always. Why not let your woman be the person in charge or let her be the chief of staff so long as you had your hand on the wheel. Bon Voyage!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bunga Mangga Tumbuh di Dahan.

Aku memang obses dengan pokok mangga depan rumah aku nii....terutamanya bila ia mula berbunga..mulalah aku sapu sampah,buang daun kering dan buang segala rumput yang tumbuh dibawahnya.Paling syok bila bubuh baja dan berharap buahnya akan lebat dan besar sebesarnya.

Kali ini ia berbunga selepas habis musim hujan dan tiba musim yang dikira panas sangat.Yang hairannya ialah tiba-tiba saja terperasan yang pokok Mangga nii berbunga lebat sangat.Kali ini seluruh pokok ditumbuhi bunga dan sampai didahan pun tumbuh bunga.Biasanya kat hujung ranting saja tapi inilah pertama kali tengok bunga tumbuh di dahan.Daun tak ada tapi terus saja tumbuh bunga.Harap-harap akan jadi buah, membesar dan masak ranum.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, sekiranya ini adalah rezeki keluargaku dari bumimu,Alhamdulillah aku amat bersyukur atas kurniamu.