Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Taste of Nur (1993) unfinished.

Dear Bro,

Just for your info after settling down in Kota Bharu in 1993, I did start painting by using oil paint,water base paint and also mix with collage. It is a matter of implementing ideas which forces you to use every medium available as to get to your point done in term of shape,form, ideas and whatever else in my boiling brain.
At that time the urge is rather persistence crushing and begging your heart to pour everything
on canvas.
I made few painting but two of them never really finish and the painting was already
16 years old today.I did put a PAS symbol white moon in the middle and I feel proud of it at that time.My heart just cool away somehow.I try to finish it many times but somehow I could not....I guess ?? ...Maybe or probably it was actually about a journey of life which will not finish until we human being will be 'rest in peace'. Do you agree with me on that?
I kept it anyway with the hope that I might finish it someday.

Visitor of The Pond (2008)

Dear Bro,
This painting is another painting still about the pond.About having a visitor once in a while
visiting your pond.Just let the colour go their way and we just some sort of carved it out.

With the brain and heart comunicating in between you and your painting,half true,half imagination..... perhaps only psychologist can construct how does brains work...Believe it or not
doing this painting is just like going through a door into the country of Narnia.

Resident of The Pond (2008)

Dear Bro,
My second painting in 2008 was still about the Frog's Resident.The title just pop in!Very sentimental but yet strong and dark feeling.Come to think of it that sometime like a frog we leap to a certain place and stranded there for a short while. Living the day by day and forgetting that time pass by and we are actually getting old....age...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Jumper's Residence (2008)

It just happen that the frog can also live wherever there is water.I somehow imagine that this is how it is going to look like.