Wednesday, November 9, 2011


                                                                   SELF PORTRAIT

 Nowadays life was low and cool but always full of blessing.Even without much wealth....I feel good enough,healthy enough,happy enough and full of joy. Today is a lazy day, not much thing to do in my shop so I just sat down and started to look into a small broken mirror on  my desk.A face with the sign of aging .I realized that I am getting old and can't hardly  see clearly all those  wrinkles without squinting my eye.I feel like I should document this moment so I took a pen and start to scratch on the a4 paper in front of me.

 Starting with the small eye,it looks bigger though because of the lens, bigger nose,bigger ears,overall head with less hair,collecting all those clear wrinkles near the nose under the eyes....within 45 minutes...
 a self portrait of me.