Thursday, March 4, 2010

To My Dear Father With Love.

                                                                 in loving memory
                                                           ABDULLAH B. ISMAIL
                                                             1928 - 11th FEB.2010.                                

Dear Dad,
It had been  22 days since you passed away.I feel that you are still there at home waiting for us.
I knew that your sorrow life history of loosing your loved one cannot be  express here in written words.
How you confronts the bitter hardship of taking cares the ten of us is unexplainable.Your unconditional
love for all of us can't hardly be undone.Your deeds to all your friends and colleague incalculable.All your friends was there,everybody was there on your final day.
They will adore your great love forever and eternally.

Dear Dad,
At your golden age,I have seen you waiting for something many times.Your bright eyes turn sad and gloomy.No more talks about knowledge and new things where it use to be.You keep on sighing as if you are missing something that is certain but you just keep on waiting.

Dear dad,
I had imagine your final day many times so that I can be strong and patient.So that I can keep on smiling
even though my heart broken and burst full of tears.But nowadays  in the quiet of night I just cry and cry...

Dear dad,
Our home  still lingered with  laughter as if you  are still here.Our house are getting older but I was hoping
that it will still stand stronger  in the name of your love until I close my eyes forever.

Dear Dad,
I will now accept reality that you are no more with us.You have gone back to your Creator.
Your honour are  dignified till the last of your breath and may God bless your soul dear father.