Monday, December 28, 2009

Bird's eyeview of Kota Bharu,Kelantan December 2009

I was having a bad 'hair' day this few days.The day is bad but the truth is I am not that bad.I am still alive and kicking. Thanks to God that I am still here breathing air and thanking God on what I still have nowadays.
This is a blessed land!!Malaysian said this is a some sort of "Holy Land' of Malaysia (Serambi Mekah).
I guess this is really true.....most muslim here are very religious.All friends I knew never missed praying  five times a day. Even bandits stop operation during  'azan' .
Here......angels  are everywhere but then I am pretty sure even ' el diablo' are everywhere at the same time.

During Ramadan, you can feels God's Blessing every day and night.You feel calm.....and tranquil.People's are everywhere buying and selling, praying days and nights. Only recently.......we just knew that 90 kilometer from the beach, there is oil rigs which flushing oil and money days and night  to the Federal government for years......The politicians at the same time quarreling about it days and night.......nonstop! Well!.....I guess that is also a blessing in disguise.....

Anyway!I just take a few photo here from the 13th floor of my temporary office.Just imagine 20 or 30 years ago here in Kota Bharu was still considered the most remote state in Peninsular Malaysia. Now it is changes rapidly.....Hoping that 2010  will still blessed us,friends,family and all with prosperous....and happy days!!! ahead!!!