Monday, December 28, 2009

Bird's eyeview of Kota Bharu,Kelantan December 2009

I was having a bad 'hair' day this few days.The day is bad but the truth is I am not that bad.I am still alive and kicking. Thanks to God that I am still here breathing air and thanking God on what I still have nowadays.
This is a blessed land!!Malaysian said this is a some sort of "Holy Land' of Malaysia (Serambi Mekah).
I guess this is really true.....most muslim here are very religious.All friends I knew never missed praying  five times a day. Even bandits stop operation during  'azan' .
Here......angels  are everywhere but then I am pretty sure even ' el diablo' are everywhere at the same time.

During Ramadan, you can feels God's Blessing every day and night.You feel calm.....and tranquil.People's are everywhere buying and selling, praying days and nights. Only recently.......we just knew that 90 kilometer from the beach, there is oil rigs which flushing oil and money days and night  to the Federal government for years......The politicians at the same time quarreling about it days and night.......nonstop! Well!.....I guess that is also a blessing in disguise.....

Anyway!I just take a few photo here from the 13th floor of my temporary office.Just imagine 20 or 30 years ago here in Kota Bharu was still considered the most remote state in Peninsular Malaysia. Now it is changes rapidly.....Hoping that 2010  will still blessed us,friends,family and all with prosperous....and happy days!!! ahead!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Porcelain Flowers Are Forever.

Few of the above was shown in International Trade Exhibition at PutraWorld back in 1993 but was never make into mass production.Only prototype.
My Boss said that it is too Malaysian.He is right my design are probably just for Malaysian....
by the way the Orchid and the Stone base was made by cold casting resin,the leaf and stalk made by bronze
and painted to be as original as it is.The Hibiscus and Rose was made by porcelain but with stalk made by bronze.Oh well!! .......I guess I will never make this kind of design ever again...!!??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If You Can Draw You Can Do It.......Too.

My mentor Lucas from Spain always said that if you can draw perfectly you can always sculpt  it better.
From any drawing.... plus high imagination ..make it flow to both of your hand.

With god 's permission you can start sculpting.Pick up the clay, you press it,you
play with it and you form it,you take it out, you put some more and don't forget to look at the drawing
and some book as a reference.You refine it bit by bit....and finely  you cut it and make it into
a plaster mould. You cast it with liquid clay, left it to dry and pour out the excess clay liquid. Assemble it
into original pieces and put in to a kiln.The white body will come out...

Then you can start painting...

The picture here was just a few of my real job...I love animals...birds,flowers,figurines and whatever form we can make.I love them all.......
but at this age....when God comes knocking in your heart five time a day.......I would prefer..mmmm.
I love flowers....!!

There is also time...when you just play with the clay and follow your heart.....with the photo in your head..

If you ever seen this kind of product..don't forget that... it was made here in Malaysia.
I am not going to show you all the process but to all artist,painter and sculptor.....just imagine.......?????

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On Top Of The World.

It still feel like actually I am and I was on the top of the world....

I was there!!!After leggy half day of mountain climbing, a night rest
at Gunting Lagadan Camp having instant noodles as a dinner. Continue climbing before dawn to the top peak of Mount Kinabalu,the highest mountain in South East Asia.

The wind was strong and it is chillingly cold burning till your bone.My hand was shivering and  trembling hard and my teeth
chattering a sound.There on top was a very thick book tight to a  metal
inside a box where we put our name and sign it proof that you was there on that very particular day.
Leslie,me,Hanem,Don and Hasnul was 1986.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Visiting A Friend At Carbondale Illinois

My dear close friend was just married at that time and he brought along his pretty cute wife to Carbondale in 1991.
Both of them are Fine Art student from school of Art & Design.
ITM Malaysia,whom both  was also my Fine Art classmate.
He invited me to his place in Carbondale so to cut the story short I just  jump on a taxi crossing the border to Eagle Pass Texas,took a bus to San Antonio,took a direct flight to a beautiful St Louis. Both couple was waiting  for me with their friend and that is how I met this brand new couple whom was actually none other than Mr. Hasnul Jamal and Mrs Rozana. Really....  met them  after few years missing in action.

Stayed there for few days,especially in their studio doing painting along with Hasnul's friend,Mr Abdul  Najjar Musawwir also an art student at that time. Few photo here just for the record. Life was simple and easy at that time, it seems borderless or without boundary.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chubu Shin Seisaku Kaigaten -Art Competition in Nagoya City Hall, Japan.

Rewinding memory to 1990............
It was a cold winter Ramadhan in Japan.The weather was gloomy most of the time but the feeling of really lonesome still vivid in my mind.No sunny cool winter, not cool...but just a very very cold winter.I love and cherished all those sunny summer day in Japan.Fasting was easy at daytime but a little  longer hour until break fasting at 8.00 p.m.

A close friend,Ando san invited me to enter an Art Competition in Nagoya just for fun and for the sake of  trying. The idea make me nervous and excited, as I recalled how Bakat Muda Sezaman used to make my eyes open and sleepless  for all those hardworking night during my student days.I was one of the winner in 1988 but not the first runner up. Enough to received RM 1000 from the sponsor  and a letter of recognition by the late Vice Director UITM Dr. Ahmad.

There in Japan the entry fee was a staggering  6000 yen and it will just vanishes or burned to nothing  if your work was not chosen by the committee and that makes me so nervous.Very close to breakdown. Luckily two of my artwork was chosen even though few had question if it can be considered as painting.Unfortunately my friend Ando lost his entry fee even though his portraits painting was cool enough to me.

During the prize ceremony,I recalled that the Japanese was so understanding that  all 'kam-paii' or 'cheers'was delayed till I break my fasting at close to 8.00 o'clock.I had bowed  to all of them showing my respect and deep  appreciation for new friend of fellow artist before break fasting.The prize was only for first runner up and there is no second prize or third.First runner up  goes to Masaki Takahashi.The first prize was a contract of a one month tv exposure on local NHK tv. The committee believe that the prize was the best prize they ever give to an artist and I also strongly think Malaysian Art Patron should follow this as an example because a lasting  exposure will means a better and bright future for the artist.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hampton's Landing,Corpus Christi Texas.

Once upon a time in Texas November 1991.

It take 8 hours driving from Eagle Pass TX to Corpus Christi. I recalled, Lucas handling the wheel of our Ford Taurus Wagon with his son Puncho in front,Uezono and me sat at the back was so excited that we never stop talking and sleep all the way.Lucas drived all the way and only stop once just for nature's call.The weather was gloomy but I enjoy the drive passing through semi desert at night and arrive safely to a beautiful marina called Corpus Christi.
Richard the guide, brought us to a nearby swamp where we caught a live fish bait. Prawn was also use as a bait. At Hampton's Landing we bought a 60 cent stamp for each person as some sort of a licence to fish.
On that particular day the weather was gloomy,windy and cold but we went fishing anyway almost the whole day.
Finally the catch was good enough to make sashimi for the whole week!!