Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hampton's Landing,Corpus Christi Texas.

Once upon a time in Texas November 1991.

It take 8 hours driving from Eagle Pass TX to Corpus Christi. I recalled, Lucas handling the wheel of our Ford Taurus Wagon with his son Puncho in front,Uezono and me sat at the back was so excited that we never stop talking and sleep all the way.Lucas drived all the way and only stop once just for nature's call.The weather was gloomy but I enjoy the drive passing through semi desert at night and arrive safely to a beautiful marina called Corpus Christi.
Richard the guide, brought us to a nearby swamp where we caught a live fish bait. Prawn was also use as a bait. At Hampton's Landing we bought a 60 cent stamp for each person as some sort of a licence to fish.
On that particular day the weather was gloomy,windy and cold but we went fishing anyway almost the whole day.
Finally the catch was good enough to make sashimi for the whole week!!


A.Shukri Elias said...

How many years are you away from Malaysia Sir?. Post more of your life abroad. Have'nt got the chance to catch up.Thanks for sharing.

I am still in touch with big bro TJ

Art of My Life. said...

Only three and half years on a three colouful continent but half of my heart was still there....!!

Really hope to see you someday!!
I really respect my FA & AD seniors.

A.Shukri Elias said...

Selamat Hari Raya,
Buat: Taufik sekeluarga
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Dari: Shukri sekeluarga

A.Shukri Elias said...

I'm linking your blog to budakad82.blogspot

Art of My Life. said...

Thank you and gladly accepted!Segan dan malu pu ada jugak!