Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On Top Of The World.

It still feel like actually I am and I was on the top of the world....

I was there!!!After leggy half day of mountain climbing, a night rest
at Gunting Lagadan Camp having instant noodles as a dinner. Continue climbing before dawn to the top peak of Mount Kinabalu,the highest mountain in South East Asia.

The wind was strong and it is chillingly cold burning till your bone.My hand was shivering and  trembling hard and my teeth
chattering a sound.There on top was a very thick book tight to a  metal
inside a box where we put our name and sign it proof that you was there on that very particular day.
Leslie,me,Hanem,Don and Hasnul was 1986.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Visiting A Friend At Carbondale Illinois

My dear close friend was just married at that time and he brought along his pretty cute wife to Carbondale in 1991.
Both of them are Fine Art student from school of Art & Design.
ITM Malaysia,whom both  was also my Fine Art classmate.
He invited me to his place in Carbondale so to cut the story short I just  jump on a taxi crossing the border to Eagle Pass Texas,took a bus to San Antonio,took a direct flight to a beautiful St Louis. Both couple was waiting  for me with their friend and that is how I met this brand new couple whom was actually none other than Mr. Hasnul Jamal and Mrs Rozana. Really....  met them  after few years missing in action.

Stayed there for few days,especially in their studio doing painting along with Hasnul's friend,Mr Abdul  Najjar Musawwir also an art student at that time. Few photo here just for the record. Life was simple and easy at that time, it seems borderless or without boundary.