Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eel In A Sewerage Filter System.

Dear bro,
It was raining heavily this few days since Friday Prayer Feb. 27th,by Monday
our factory sewerage system was overflow with water and stop functioning.The water turn grayish because of the main raw material which was actually a 'clay' dirt. Realising that it is also full with mud and sand,we decided to use the Excavator.

As I was told by our maintenance staff, that when the Excavator took the first scoop,it was full with baby eels which all of them manage to crawl and escape back into the sewerage water.
The big one, and only one was stranded on the grass and easily caught.A very brown eel.
Fierce looking dragon kind of snake.

Guess what?? Eel or Belut or Ikan Linang is worth a try in your catfish pond?Don't you think so?Very commercial and I think if your catfish can survive the pond,the eel will.

Back in 1990 when I was in Japan.We can only eat fish most of the time untill I got bored with fish. But one day at a restaurant, a Japanese friend decided to order a rice with grilled Unagi fish.
It was my first 'oishi' delicious food I had ever tasted in Japan,so good that I asked for one more
bowl with Unagi. They explained to me that it was a long fish from the river. Yet the translation 'Belut' was not in my head at that time.Later when I found out that it was a 'Belut', the creepy feeling kind of snake just fade away.
Now, I will only remember crispy,soft,juicy,grilled unagi.....
very tasty and good......!!! You must try this at a Japanese Restaurant.


Thirdbrother said...

Demand lintah dipasaran ammat tinggi, ada permintaan lintah yang hanya berdiet darah belut harga lebih tinggi..belut worth a try.

rumah kebun said...

jangan bela lintah....demand dah kurang...lebih baik jual minyak lintah saja...lagi untung...

Art of My Life. said...

Belut yg dalam gambar,dah dua tiga hari mati dlm bekas plastik tuu.Sayang nak buang jadi ambik pisau kerat-kerat nak bagi ikan keli makan.Darah merah pekat dan cair lagi.Memang banyak khasiat ni..belut original ni...