Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fern Series - 2006

I had started Fern series many years ago which technically was a mixed media using water base colour and also oil base colour. I start by stamping,pressing and using brush to add dark background and finish it with airbrush. Only recently I frame it ,two painting into one glass of frame. I had put it two in one as to make an impact of repetitive image and at the same time it is much bigger looking. But when I hang it on the wall it still look smaller though. You had to be a little closer to view the painting.
Most of my fern series with dark,black night background with little bright colour to show
glowing light of the night. Do you see the resemblance of 'Black is beautiful'.Imagining a very dark dark night with creeping fern moving and flowing by soft air and lit by a moonlight. Everything in the universe start from darkness,only then the light or nur(arabic) appear.
I paint this image onto a canvas which actually a boxboard paper.I never really done it on canvas yet but currently now I am experimenting to do so especially on a 5 x 4 ft canvas.
Fern is what I consider to be representing every organic being on earth or I would like to say like a symbol of organic 'birth'. You know the 'shoot' of fern which is curly,just like a baby curling in a mother's womb.It is my subject of interest.I have to give credit to my brother Tajalli(also a painter) because he also make fern as his subject many many years back.Hoping that he will still continue painting.
Currently I am still experimenting with water base batique colour and finish onto it with oil base colour by using air brush.This time on a canvas!!!


santoshi said...

Your painting of this fern series is good. For me its a new concept,and i enjoyed ur painting. Hope to see a lot more of these paintings.

rumah kebun said...

Wish you to design clay souvenir items which are saleable in the market. Small things like wall hanging will do. Once the Gunung Raya House ready, it can be merchandised there.

Art of My Life. said...

Yes!!We do have few item which can hang on the wall.

santoshi said...

your's is a very creative mind and you always come up with new ideas. The suggestions and ideas you gave in my blog as comments are very impressive.

Art of My Life. said...

It was your work that triggered my creative thinking!!Let's hope for the best!!in our life.

Tatiana said...

Yes..i like these! lovely ferns..i want to see these on canvas, yes!

Art of My Life. said...

Dear Tatiana,

It is in process!!Hoping to show it when it is ready.
Thank you.