Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Weirdest Fish Collection.

I took the above picture recently when I search for my egg basket item.It was actually made probably about 5 years ago and stayed in the attic eversince we transfer here. It is a three separated item using slip casting technics.Made from natural clay found at a nearby river and fired at 600 celcius only.

I remembered that it was night time and I just feel like to do something different so I simply cut the fish bases and start combining it with the hibiscus vase. I am sure I have seen similar object in the past but I'm not sure where???. The clay was still wet when taken out from the mould but sturdy so it is easier for me to cut and combine just by using water. I said to my friend that it is two fish jumping out from a vase!!! but my friend said that it is two fish stuck in a vase...whateverrr!!!
After firing in my homemade kiln I use oil colour and paint green the whole body. The effect came out after sanding smooth the whole body with a sand paper.


santoshi said...

This is real weird.

Nina Ulana said...

I love this! I recently watched a documentary on a fish that looked exactly like yours and was inspired to paint it! Also, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. Me being me, I'm going to do some rearranging to my blog, so don't be offended if you fail to see your comment. Feel free to visit my blog later or in the near future -- I should have some new posts soon. Keep creating!!!!

Art of My Life. said...

Dear Santoshi,

Yupp!!real weird....

Dear Nina,

Can hardly wait to see your latest painting..!!