Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mexican Cowboy or Tres Caballeros.

Dear Bro,

As my Spanish got better day by day,everyday is a very interesting day.
It was a sunny day in summer 1990 for horse riding, a friend name Hugo
invite us to his ranch for horse riding.Everybody came with their own horse
and I brought my company VW Jetta. I put the camera on one of the horses and the
photo just came out fine and splendid.


rumah kebun said...

PEDRO said...

Hello from monterrey mexico i´m work in ceramica creativa in the year 2000 with Lucas, Maria, Nagao, Matsumoto, Adrian chio, Ricardo, Juan Pedro, Vero Lopez and others, Lucas is a great sculptor & nice people.
I know one history about you tell in the rio bravo or lake you sick with hipotermia.
Best Regards from monterrey
Im Pedro TreviƱo