Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Fish In The Net.




Dear Bro,

Went to the beach last Friday.Nice and hot sunny day!!
I really need to get some real fresh air!You know !!??.....workinggg days and night make your brain sag.My movement seems like a drag. So we pack a lunch baggg(sounds like a Rap!!)
It is time to get some invigorating air from the beach.Only 20 minutes drive from our house but it feels like years that I'd been to the beach.When was the last time I went to the beach??....can't hardly remember. Not much time to go fishing nowadays.

Brought along my wife and my little girl Sarah.It is a very hot weather though it was raining heavily the day before,my wife cannot actually stand the heat at noon time so she just stay in the car until around 5.00 pm. when the air is cooler.

After about a mile walking we found two guy fishing by using a net(not internet!!!).
"menjala" or "netting" by using a net is a must for the local fisherman here especially during the hot season.The net is six feet in diameter and weigh about 20kg,you must have a strong arm and throw it in a round shape swing as to really catch the fish. You throw it where you think that there is a fish.The fish is small and seems to be less than expected.Not like what it used to be.Anyway I take a few photo here for the blog.

We went back home late in the evening after downloading my lung full with fresh salty air!!!
and not to forget also a and there...


santoshi said...

Its always good to take some time out and spend it with the family. Your daughter "Sarah" is so beautiful.

Art of My Life. said...


Yes!It is a feel good factor to spend some good time with love one.

Tatiana said...

Sarah IS beautiful and your images are gorgeous....I can imagine some of your artwork mirroring that slinky net thrown.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too!

Salzanos said...

Yes, Your daughter is beautiful! I love the ocean, the fresh salt air. I live near the ocean in USA. I have one daughter and one son. Both are grown now. We love to fish when we can.
Your art and photos are wonderful, thank you for visiting my page also!

Art of My Life. said...

Thank you.I had three painting simultaneously in process,on a canvas.Just wait and see!!

Thank you!!Let say if I throw a message in a South China sea will it...reach through till ...!!just kidding!I love the ocean too!!