Thursday, October 21, 2010

Livin' La Vida in A Facebook.

                                                          Sarah,Norah,Me and Omar.

Well I guess I got one thing to say that  nowadays,I am very well occupied with something else...kind
of a new interest....a new way of life!! I guess...may be we all knew about....a book with many faces.

Facebook!!!yeap!!Facebook seems to take over my free time from my blog the Blogger.Not just my free time but all my family's free time.All four of us had our own Facebook.....just imagine how many time was spend in front of computers.Just like cell phones which seems to be part of our live nowadays,FB too seems to take over the cell phones phenomena and now reign supreme!

The good part is all of us now are well connected with our friends from the past.Our childhood friends suddenly appeared in front of FB I mean...the feeling was see our long lost friend with all
the sign of ages.Getting bald,getting fat,geting sick,getting happy with all those marks of ages.Even brothers and sisters are much closer nowadays thanks to FB.We are now globally very well connected.

The bad part is I just afraid that my family and I will get addicted with this new craze but for now it is still under control.Definitely all of you readers have the same experience regarding FB.I believe it had conquered the whole world in such a short time even the founder now considered the fastest young man to become a  billionaire including all his partners.What a phenomena!

What else will come into our future we will never know...


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