Saturday, May 14, 2011


                                                   SWEET LITTLE SARAH AND OMAR.            
                                                   MY SWEET ARGENTINA.....

Had been keeping this photo for more  than 10 years in my wallet.The wallet actually had changed twice but the photo keep on staying inside the new wallet.At that time my little girl, Sarah was only 2 years old and my little boy, Omar was only 6 years old.

The story goes like September 1999, my wife,my kids and I went back to Mexico for a vacation.It was supposed to be a two week vacation but  my wife decided to stay longer and I understand since she will need more time to be with her  parent.After all it had been 7 years since I had married to her and brought her back to Malaysia so it is consider appropriate and agreeable that I let her stay as long as she wants.

After two weeks I came back alone and continue working.The first few weeks was fine as I continue to be very busy into my job...but then little by little I started to miss them especially my kids.My longing for them make me call them almost every night even just for a few minutes.Imagine a trunk call from Malaysia to Mexico every night.At the end of the month the bill came knocking at RM 500!!! I've decided that I must call them once in 5 days.

The longing start to take its toll on me,I started to feel sorrow and very lonely.Every night I just staring at this photo in my wallet and tears start dropping....Oh God!I'm crying and I miss them very much.I want to hug them,play with them and here them laughing.Deep inside I am very worried that my wife will not be coming back!!even though she had promised that she'll be back.I love her very much so I need to persevere and stay calm.....alone at night...!!                        

Somewhere in Feb 2000, I suddenly collapsed at work and was rushed to hospitals unconscious.They made me slept in the emergency room almost the whole day.At 6.00 p.m they wake me up and I was asked to go home.The doctor's diagnosed was..... too much stress,over worked and low blood pressure.The very same night my wife give me a call and started to asked if I'm okay or not? I lied to her saying that I'm fine and busy.To my surprised, she said that she know that I lied because her 'godmother' said that I was very sick and cried every night. Hey!!??they too had some kind of mumbo jumbo???

Only by March 2000, my wife started to say that she miss me very much and wanted to come home.The very next day I sold my Toyota Van.Then bought a ticket and few days later arrived in Mexico with a mission to bring them all back for good.  ....And that was the longest six month that I ever felt in my whole life.......!
......but Mexico....we'll be back cause........ I left half of my heart in Mexico.Hasta la vista!!

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