One of my favourite hobby is gardening so
I would always make my own flower pot during my
free time and here is one of my flower pot project made from old towel and old blanket.

 1) Try getting an old plastic pail as the mold.Choose pail which you are sure that the form or shape is easy and simple with no crevices or pointed joint where there are chances that it my get stuck during un- molding or separating the pot and the pail.
Please be sure that the top width is smaller than the base to ensure smooth un-molding.
Put a transparent tape  on any pointed shape and then put grease or recycle cooking oil thoroughly all over the pail and onto the transparent tape so that chances of separating process is smooth and easy.

 2) Mix cement and water to smooth liquid so that it easy enough for the towel,cloth or blanket to absorb or soak the cement and start mounting it on the pail as a first layer.You can use whatever type of cloth as long as it absorb the cement,it is just fine.

3) When the first layer is done,put a wire string as a structure following  the shape of the pail. Put as many wire string as you like as to make it a strong and lasting flower pot.One thing I forgot to mention and not visible here is the structure water hose.You can also put water hose as the edge around the tip.In the photo I already flip the towel edge to cover the water hose.
Notice the repetitive drape looks good but it is a first layer so we will need to cover second layer and finish as below photo.

 4)Now you after second layer of towel and make sure it is thick enough if you use thinner material or cloth.Even old jeans is a good absorbent of cement.Let it dry in few hours but not to dry cause if it dry and hard it will surely difficult to separate. So be very sure that it is not so dry but not to hard just enough to flex it a bit.
5) After half dried make sure you use hammer or wooden tools to knock softly on the edge of the mouth and then all over the body so that the pail will drop down slowly and easy.You can paint it or let it plain original color depending on how the surrounding or whatever color you want to. Don't  forget to make a few small hole for water to sip out.Use a drill.When it is ready and fully dried.The final step is planting your favorite plant or flower. Thank You!!Enjoy!!.


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